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The beginning of the end of the end of the beginning has begun.

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"La ventaja de ser inteligente es que se puede fingir ser imbécil, mientras que lo contrario es completamente imposible."

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"People are faced in life with choosing between reality and fantasy, and it’s very pleasant to choose fantasy, but that way lies madness. You’re forced finally to choose reality, and reality always disappoints, always hurts you."

"The end. She lifts her knotted hands to him and strokes his face. “You, you’re the greatest one.” There was so much love and adoration in her somber eyes (under the somewhat worn brow) that something in him—the one who knew—rebelled … A moment later he took her in his arms. Since she, who saw more clearly, loved him, he had to accept it, and to admit that to love he had to love himself a little…"

Albert Camus, The First Man (Notes and Sketches)

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Learn To Read Russian in 15 Minutes! I did this one with my fabulous guest writer Peter Starr Northrop, aka bilgeathresh! If you want me to make these dang comics more often, visit my Patreon!

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